MEDIA NEWS: New York Exec Wins “Golden Thinker” Award for Promoting Global Causes

From Health Digest News:

Nonprofit Exec Wins “Golden Thinker” Award for Promoting Global Health Causes

By Michael J. McCurdy, Publisher –
Jul 12, 2010 – 8:31:03 AM

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( – NEW YORK, July 12, 2010 – Good work may be its own reward, the saying goes, but every once in a while it’s gratifying to see someone who normally does good for a living do well.

The coveted “Golden Thinker” award for excellence in media relations has been awarded to 20-year veteran of the news and philanthropic world, New York media executive Mark Stubis. The prize was awarded for extraordinary coverage of a national campaign against childhood obesity, the number-one health threat facing America’s children today. The news and public service campaign reached tens of millions of parents, youngsters, and educators via thousands of written features and radio interviews, and hundreds of television broadcasts. Broadcast pickup of a TV news feature written by Stubis was in the top one percent of such features.

The “Golden Thinker” is the latest of many honors for the philanthropically inclined media executive. He is also the recipient of a Century Award for extraordinary results in communications, and won both the Bronze and Silver Awards at Worldfest Houston, an international film festival. He has interviewed and made films of luminaries such as polio vaccine pioneer Dr. Jonas Salk, and has written copy for many award-winning public-service pieces in print, radio, and television. Over his career, Stubis has advanced global and nonprofit causes through extensive media coverage, securing major stories carried worldwide in more than 100,000 newspaper articles, TV and radio station broadcasts, and web news features.

“Just knowing the campaign reached so many people was reward enough,” says Stubis. “But getting the recognition was nice. My thanks to everyone involved.”

Mark Stubis is a national media executive who has worked with many of the world’s leading news organizations, global charities, Fortune 500 companies, and performing artists. Stubis grew up in Manhattan, the son of renowned children’s book illustrator and movie and Broadway poster designer Talivaldis Stubis and ballet dancer Patricia Stubis. After graduating as a pianist from The Juilliard School, he went on to work for Newsweek magazine, major corporations, and a host of national nonprofits, including the United Negro College Fund and several leading children’s charities. Mark is married to the newspaper columnist and author Qin Sun Stubis. They have two children and live in a castle in the New York City area.

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