By Mike Schwager

Jack Nadel, world-renowned entrepreneur, and author of the new book, “Use What You Have To Get What You Want: 100 Basic Ideas That Mean Business,” is on a mission. That mission is to help entrepreneurs, especially the young, minorities and women, by giving them bottom-line business ideas and wisdom based on his 65 years of success – recession-busting ideas that can keep them out of trouble, and jump-start their businesses.

Jack is a world renowned entrepreneur and founder of Jack Nadel International ( ) — today the gold standard of the promotional marketing business. Jack has founded, acquired and operated more than a dozen companies, and was the first in his industry to break the glass ceiling for women when he hired the first female salesperson in 1953, and over the years JNI has evolved to a worldwide company with over 50% female sales representation.

At a very sharp 87 years of age, there is no one alive today who can match Jack’s 65 years of successful entrepreneurial experience; and he’s become an “elder statesman” of business wisdom who can provide the insights and inspiration to entrepreneurs of all stripes.

The book consists of 100 of Jack’s most valuable and useful business lessons. It’s a “bottom line” book for busy people, with 100 one page chapters, and a different entrepreneurial “lesson” on each page. Here are three nuggets from his book:

• Three R’s for success – Relationships, Results and Rewards: In 1988, President Reagan asked me to join a Trade Mission to Japan to bolster the sale of American products in Japan. At a luncheon with Akio Morita, the President of SONY, the great industrialist told me, “You Americans come here to make a deal. We Japanese are interested in forming relationships that can be the building blocks of many deals.” More meetings ensued, along with closer relationships and new deals. Humanize and regularize the structure, and rewards follow!

• Don’t fall in love with your idea. Remember that the idea itself, no matter how much you love it, will evolve or fade upon practical adaptation. Our business was the manufacture and distribution of such promotional products as ballpoint pens and stationery. When we invested in a hobby company, we realized it wasn’t a match and didn’t love it. We sold our interest before getting in too far. Lesson: fall in love with people. Give your idea time to prove itself.

• Subcontracting is the cheapest form of manufacturing. If you don’t have a factory, now is not the time to build one. With research, often on your own search engine, you will discover that the ideal plant and equipment already exists for the manufacture of your product. That plant has already saved you the headaches and burdensome costs of labor, insurance and accidents. The same is true for services such as invoicing, fulfillment, warehousing and administrative. Be smart. Don’t build!

“Use What You Have…” has received rave reviews from Dr. Robert Emmons, professor emeritus at Marshall School of Business at The University of Southern California; Monty Hall, famed host of Let’s Make A Deal; and Pulitzer prize-winning presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin.

After discharge as a decorated combat veteran of WWII, Jack Nadel started his business career in a tiny office with no money, education or experience and over the following 65 successful years Jack has created thousands of new jobs and hundreds of products. His entrepreneurial creativity shone through on his first major business deal in international trade: with only a letter of credit, he purchased large amounts of olive drab woolen material from the war surplus, dyed the fabric blue, and sold them to the Chinese. A big hit!

In a world dominated by negative role models and “bad news,” he’s devoted to accentuating the positive in life. He hosted a popular television show on Santa Barbara’s ABC affiliate, “Out of the Box With Jack Nadel,” featuring interviews with top celebrities. Jack is a business leader known for his sage advice, offering it to everyone from the veteran businessperson to those hoping to make their way in the rough-and-tumble real life corporate world.

Concerning this latest book, he’s made a website available for the wider public at:

In addition to this new book, Jack has written three other business books – “Cracking the Global Market,” “There’s No Business Like Your Business” and “How To Succeed In Business Without Lying, Cheating or Stealing” – and a novel based on personal experience, “My Enemy, My Friend.”

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